Registered mail can now be sent online through a qualified trust service provider


Although there has been electronic registered mail since 2016, there have not been any recognized qualified trust service providers in Belgium. Now the company IT Connect Solutions has been recognized by the Belgian authorities as a qualified trust service provider.

Any registered mail sent electronically through its website,, enjoys a presumption of :

  • the integrity of the data,
  • the sending of that data by the identified sender,
  • its receipt by the identified addressee, and
  • the accuracy of the date and time of sending and receipt indicated.

Communications that must by law be sent by registered mail (such as an employee’s dismissal with a notice to perform) can now be sent through this qualified trust service provider. Electronic registered mail has the same status as conventional registered mail but is much cheaper (less than EUR 1).

To make use of thiselectronic registered mail, both the sender and the recipient must be registered users on the website. This registration is made through eID so users’ identity is guaranteed.

For employment contracts, employers could insert a clause requiring employees to register on the website and informing them that any communication that must be sent through registered mail will be sent through this electronic channel.