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  • Weighing scales 05.10.2016

    Meet the Law - Angola Update


    The National Assembly of Angola approved, on 16.06.2016, the Law no. 12/16, of 12nd August, with the purpose of establishing the applicable rules to the...

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  • EU flag 24.06.2016

    Brexit Next: Legal Implications

    The British people have voted to leave the European Union. No European Union Member State has left the EU so the process of withdrawal is untested. Effecting...

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  • EU flag 15.06.2016

    EU Referendum: 50 questions

    With only days to go to the EU referendum in the UK, we have devised 50 questions with suggested answers and resources. EU membership affects our work...

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  • 13.05.2016

    CMS Network Sharing Study 2016

    CMS is delighted to be presenting the second edition of its study on the sharing of communication networks in the EU and around the world. The first edition...

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