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  • Signing a contract image 02.02.2018 Belgium/France

    The differences between Belgium and France concerning...

    Originating from the law of 30 June 1926, the French law on retail lease agreements influenced Belgium, which then drafted its own regulation on 30 April...

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  • Fibre optic cables 02.02.2018 International

    IBM Watson at work

    There may be much hype around artificial intelligence but IBM has been demonstrating the business potential of machine learning through its Watson analytics...

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  • Signing a contract 11.01.2018 International

    Barecon 2017 - Ringing in the Changes

    BIMCO recently published an updated version of their widely-used BARECON 2001. Whilst it largely follows the same format, BARECON 2017 takes account of...

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  • Calculations image 04.01.2018 Turkey

    2018 Turkish Stamp Duty Cap

    In accordance with the Stamp Duty Law No:488, any legal documents signed in Turkey, or signed abroad where the beneficial interest of the parties lies...

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