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  • Lifesciences image 09.12.2016

    The Antidote - Autumn 2016

    We are delighted to attach the Autumn 2016 edition of The Antidote, our Lifesciences sector bulletin. In this edition, we look at: A recent report...

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  • Barcode 02.12.2016

    Taking Stock Autumn 2016 - Consumer Products Bulletin

    I am delighted to attach the latest edition of Taking Stock, our consumer products and retail law bulletin. This publication explores recent legal developments...

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  • publication 29.11.2016

    Lettre des Régulations | Novembre 2016 # 1


    Mettant en œuvre l’Acte unique, les Européens ont entrepris il y a une vingtaine d’années d’ouvrir à la concurrence la quasi-totalité des secteurs économiques,...

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  • papers in the wind image 15.11.2016

    Disputes Digest

    Welcome to our first conference edition of Disputes Digest, published for CMS’ inaugural Disputes Conference (Speed in disputes: when is faster better?),...

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