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  • Large ship image 07.02.2017

    Transport Update - looking ahead in 2017

    What trends are emerging for the transport sector in 2017? In our latest update we take a look at how 2017 will shape up for the transport sector and the...

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  • Emerging Europe Thumbnail 02.02.2017

    Emerging Europe M&A Report 2016/17 

    CMS has launched sixth annual “Emerging Europe M&A Report 2016/2017” published in cooperation with EMIS. The report pulls together data around the biggest...

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  • Meeting image 30.01.2017

    Swiss Employment Law

    Switzerland follows the Continental European tradition of distinguishing between public and private law. This fundamental distinction affects, inter alia,...

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  • Oil pipes 27.01.2017

    Oil & Gas Annual Review 2016

    Get to know the main trend in the Energy sector in Portugal: energetic dependency has spurred from 22,4% in 2014 to 78,3% in 2015, putting an end to a...

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